Kelly & Chris Wedding

I was rejected...?

If you were not approved to join the community and want to know why, you can comment on this post. These are the most common reasons for rejection:

- You have no credit for your icons/graphics
- You never update your journal
- You've been caught stealing graphics
- You have nothing on your journal aka it looks like a troll
- You look suspicious
Kelly & Chris Wedding

Deleted Members - Public Post

I have just deleted 367 members from our community (note: this does not mean you were banned, just removed from our community). If you find yourself on the following list, then you were deleted because of at least one of these reasons:

- You do not credit
- You are a member of an icon stealing community
- You have no entries, friends, and/or icons
- You never update your journal

You may comment on this entry if you feel that you should not have been deleted and I will take it into consideration.

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This is the comment I received that caused me to delete all of these members and such:
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